After reading through our What we offer, Eligibility, and How to apply sections, you may have some further questions for us. Please review the following FAQs which can support you:

Q: How are salaries for GCAS internships decided? 

GCAS has been allocated funds from the Scottish Government to provide funding for employers to employ a graduate for up to 35 hours per week at £9.50 per hour. We encourage our employers to top up this rate to align with average graduate salaries. This is not possible in all cases, as employers may not be in a position to take on another salaried employee, and in some situations the opportunity may not exist without the additional support GCAS provides. We aim to provide a range of internships that vary in sector, location, working pattern, and salary.

Q: How does GCAS source its internships?  

We work closely with our employer partners to scope out high-quality developmental internships. We take into consideration the sectors of interest and location you have specified in your application to the Talent Pool to provide opportunities that are relevant for the majority of our graduates. Currently, around 40% of our graduates have expressed interest in marketing, which is why you may see a larger number of these roles. We recognise demand will fluctuate – so please do let us know if your situation and interests change. 

Q: There aren’t currently any internships related to my background and/or interests 

We endeavour to provide internships that are related to the interests of our graduates. However, if you do feel that there is nothing suitable for you and are struggling to find an opportunity – please do let us know at GCAS@ed.ac.uk

It is possible to contact employers in Scotland directly through a speculative approach. If you find an employer you’d be interested in working with, you can use our targeted speculative email to approach employers to see if they could offer you an opportunity, as they could then be supported by our funding. If you are an existing member of the GCAS Talent Pool, the draft email is available by visiting the Resources and Sessions tab within the On Programme section of our website.