Reflecting during your internship

It’s an exciting time and there’s plenty to learn and get your teeth into, but you’ll find the internship far more valuable if you set aside some time to reflect on what you’re achieving, any setbacks you’re experiencing, and any learning you’ve gained.  

At the midway point of your internship, we’ll contact you to see how things are going, ask you to let us know what you’ve been working on, and ask you to assess the impact of what you have achieved so far. We’ll ask for a couple of sentences, but it’s beneficial to you if you put more time and thought into this so you have examples available for your CV.  

Keep a note of your key successes. Whether that’s taking a quick 30 seconds to jot down something which will jog your memory later or taking 10 minutes to write down the situation and actions you took in more detail including the results you’ve had, this is a valuable exercise. Consider what skills you now have evidence of and want to highlight in future applications. 

How to reflect 

Use your Professional Development Plan throughout to remind yourself of what you aimed to achieve and what the organisation requires. 

Here’s a reminder of our example questions: 

  • How? How will you achieve it? What will you do? 
  • Why? Why is it important? What is your incentive?  
  • What? What steps will you take towards achieving your goal? 
  • Who? Who or what can help you? 

You can start to consider these questions again when you reflect – what did you do? What steps have you taken? Who helped you? Ask your manager to help you to review anything you have found challenging that you may be unable to be objective about, e.g., anything you are still frustrated by.  

Think about both your successes and your setbacks to review your progress and results so far and plan meaningful next steps. 

Reflecting at the end of your internship 

At the end of the internship, we’ll ask you to summarise your experience in more detail. Here are some examples you might choose: 

  • Submit a case study 
  • Present to your managers or colleagues (and send GCAS a copy) 
  • Write a blog post 
  • Discuss your experiences in the Interns Teams channel